"Dr. Mara is one of those rare talented doctors who are true healers.  Her insights and awareness are a blessing to all who have the good fortune to work with and learn from her."   

~Tedd Koren, DC
Founder/Developer of Koren Specific Technique
Owner of Koren Publications, the foremost chiropractic patient education company    



Our Practice:

Dr. Mara provides gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care for the whole family. Her mission is to help patients from newborn to ninety to successfully handle health challenges using state of the art instruments, primarily, the Activator. These techniques involve a thorough analysis of your entire body and do not use any twisting, torquing, or cracking of your spine to administer the adjustment. The effects of the adjustment immediately offer a sense of well being and vitality, as well as balancing the spine and reducing pain.

Dr. Mara counsels and recommends living a balanced life including proper nutrition, regular exercise and stress management. She lectures on Chiropractic and its role in a balanced and healthy lifestyle as well as how to juggle all the challenges we have in creating a healthy life.



“I was really surprised, when after the first treatment, I experienced profound relief!”

“Regular chiropractic care helps the whole family feel healthier and more balanced no matter what else is going on in our lives.”

“With the help of Dr. Mara, I am 30 weeks pregnant and have felt incredible.”

“My life has changed for the better with consistent adjustments.”